2011 IAF Programs

Date/location Title Partici-
Target Groups Closing Date
27.02. – 11.03.
Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management 24 English
Young leaders from politics, research and administration, police and military 07.01.2011

20.03. – 27.03.

Strategic Political Communication 22 English Spanish French Leaders and communication officers of parties and NGOs 31.01.2011

10.04. – 22.04.

Coalition Building/Strategic Partnership 22 English Spanish

Managers, executives and leaders of parties and NGOs

08.05. – 20.05. Online Liberalism Today – Freedom First 24 English Spanish Young leaders from politics, economy and administration 07.02.2011
22.05. – 03.06. Strategic Planning 24 English Spanish Russian
Young leaders from politics, justice, administration and NGOs 25.03.2011
10.07. – 17.07. Change Management 22 English French Managers, executives and leaders of parties and NGOs 13.05.2011

24.07. – 31.07.

New Public Management 22 English Spanish French Leadership personnel from politics, administration, research and private sector 27.05.2011

14.08. – 26.08. Online

Human and Civil Rights 24 English Spanish Human rights activists, lawyers and politicians active in this field 13.05.2011
03.09. – 10.09. Political Leadership 22 English Russian Party representatives in leadership positions, some leadership experience is requested 08.07.2011

18.09. – 30.09.

Equity and Justice in a Globalized World 24 English Arabic Russian Leadership personnel from NGO, politics, administration and economy 22.07.2011
23.10. – 04.11. Politics and Civil Society: Political Parties and NGOs 24 English Arabic Russian Young party and NGO activists, preferably a party and an NGO representative (two from each country) 26.08.2011
12.11. – 19.11. Freedom and Property 22 English Russian Leaders from politics, economics, administration and media 16.09.2011
04.12. – 16.12. Online
Strengthening Political Youth Organisations 24 English Activists of political youth organizations from the age of 18 onwards 02.09.2011

Note: More seminars will be offered with an Arabic and also other language translations. These will be announced by IAF in the early part of 2011.


Arrival of the participants:    04:00 p.m.

Beginning of the seminar:        06:45 p.m. first day (Welcoming address)

End of the Seminar:                08:00 p.m. second last day,
                                             last day is planned completely for departure

Excursions / Field trips:            Tuesday to Bonn or Cologne (7 days seminars)
                                             Additionally from Saturday to Tuesday to Hamburg or Dresden
                                             at seminars lasting two weeks

Please note: Local FNF staff is exempt from paying the participation fee!

IAF seminars are designed as comprehensive curricula, where every element fulfils a specific academic and pedagogic function. They are funded by the German Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation. For this reason participants are requested to take part in the full programme.

Application Procedure: Please e-mail letters of intent and latest CVs to egypt@fnst.org.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty in Egypt : www.fnst-egypt.org