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 Reports by interns

Report by Mr. Karim Khashaba on his internship at the Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation from September 06, 2009 to December 31, 2009

Being an intern in an international organization is something to be added to one’s experience. Taking part in Fredrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) had met part of my career goals; working in an International, non-governmental and political organization. Moreover, even though my very least affiliation to liberalism, one got a closer look on how liberalism works and calls for within the Egyptian context. On the personal level, people I worked with were of decency and respect. They did not only help in augmenting my experience by putting me before work, but also showed friendly relation with a non-experienced intern working with them.

Namely, Dr. Meinardus, the Regional Director of FNF, was regularly concerned with me being involved with work stuff. Mme Amira did not leave the opportunity through which I could learn from and did not tell me about it; such as attending the AFTE workshop of “Governance and University Students.”I took the advantage of not only being there as an Intern but I learned on the awareness/knowledge level. The workshop brought to my attention some of the existing governmental policies within universities and the effectiveness of the activities of the students and the applicability of the concept of good governance within universities.

Mr. Hani was always there whenever needed for any guiding procedures in the organization’s work. For instance, his directions while carrying out the workshop of volunteerism in Ismailia were adding to my skills in organizing events thoroughly. His instructions were of added value to my management and organizational skills. This was in the workshop which was organized in the city of Ismailia for youth and the liberal idea of volunteerism.

I have benefited from attending a number of things; assisting in writing reports concerning the workshop, participants and lecturers; the benefit gained as a result of listening to lectures about volunteering and its efficiency, and how these volunteering activities turn to be effective with fruitful results.

And the same appreciation goes generally to the rest of the colleagues.

All in all, I benefited on both the career and personal levels in this four months internship. Nonetheless, I wished there were more valuable work to do and to learn from; something that had to do more with my field of study: Political Science. Still, I learned and made use of my skills a writing reports, translating and managing events.

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